Who Are Zanna's Hope?
Have you ever heard the words, “I’m sorry, there’s no heartbeat,” something similar or even worse?

What is Zanna's HOPE

No one should have to walk the path of pregnancy and infant loss alone and uninformed.  Pregnancy and infant loss are one of the most excruciating experiences a woman and her family can go through.  It is a sad, scary and very emotional time.  The mission of a Bereavement Doula and Baby Loss Family Advisor is to provide the mother, in addition to her loved ones, with emotional support, information and any other help and support that can be provided before, during and after a loss.  As a Bereavement Doula and Loss Family Advisor, it is also the goal to help family and friends understand what the mother is going through and how best they can help during this time of loss and grieving.

What are “bereavement birth services”?

Bereavement birth services encompass a variety of services offered. Bereavement Doula services, or Loss Doula services, are offered for women/families who are currently facing a pregnancy/infant loss (which may include miscarriage, stillbirth, preterm labor/loss, fatal fetal diagnosis and/or neonatal death), or who have experienced a recent loss.  These services may include:

What may this look like for you and your family...

it may be any combination of some or all of these services, as well as additional services not listed.  All of these services are provided by Robin L. Schroeder of Zanna's HOPE on a volunteer basis, with recommendations ONLY for donations to help provide support and care for other

bereaved families such as yourself.


  • phone/text/email support;

  • in-person face-to-face support; 

  • prenatal visits;

  • joining you during a regular scheduled medical care provider appointment to meet your birthing/care team;

  • birth plan consultation;

  • being present for physical and emotional support during labor and birth;

  • taking photos and helping to create mementos;

  • offering options and information regarding final decisions and final disposition;

  • information and support regarding funeral/ceremony/rituals;

  • follow up support, including a monthly support group;

  • making sure that all information and options possible have been provided so that you can make decisions based on what best suits you and your family.  

Doula services are offered for women/families who are pregnant and expecting a baby following a pregnancy or infant loss (Rainbow Baby).  It is Robin's mission and the vision of Zanna's HOPE to only offer these services to families who have

suffered a prior loss.  


Rainbow Pregnancy/Baby Doula services are provided for a FEE.  Please contact us to find out more information if this is something you would like to learn more about.

Baby Loss Family Advisor

services offered

and provided are for women and their loved ones in navigating the loss journey.  These services may include all of the above listed for Bereavement Doula, with the exception of physical support.  


These services are also provided on a volunteer basis, with recommendations ONLY for donations to help provide support to other bereaved families.

It is the hope and goal of Robin L. Schroeder, to help families experiencing a loss in any trimester and beyond, as well as offer support in subsequent pregnancy.  To learn more about Robin, who she is, what she does and why this cause is so near and dear to her heart, please read more here.


Healing starts at the beginning and is a lifelong journey of change and adaptation.  Here you will find information and links regarding the healing journey you may have already begun or are about to embark upon.

Support can come in many different forms for many different people.  Here you will find an extensive list of information and links to local, national and international support resources and organizations.

Reading can not only be a way to find out information, but can also be a form of release and healing.  here you will find not only lists and links for informative books and publications, but also books of self-help and healing.

All things birth related, from lists of medical providers, birth workers, birthing facilities and more...whether you are experiencing a loss or expecting your rainbow baby.

Extensive list and links on how to make the special time of meeting your baby memorable and unique by providing ideas for memory making, mementos, photographs, and much more.

Making final decisions can be extremely difficult.  Here you will find suggestions, information and links on ceremonies, funerals, final disposition and more.


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