Robin L. Schroeder, BLFA Bio

After experiencing the unimaginable trauma and loss of multiple pregnancies and infants, Robin L. Schroeder felt compelled to help other women and families who also suffered the loss of pregnancies and infants which empowered her to turn her experience into her life’s work.  Originally, from Delaware, Robin joined the U.S. Navy after graduating from high school and was stationed in Gulfport, Mississippi.  There she worked at the U.S. Naval Construction Training Center and with the Seabee Battalions, as well as the U.S. Naval Legal Service Office.  Following her service to our country, Robin was honorably discharged in 1997 and went on to pursue her career as a civilian legal assistant.  At that point in her life, Robin made the decision to join her longtime best friend and partner, James D. Schroeder, in Vermont.  It was while living in Vermont that Robin and James married and sadly, suffered the loss of their daughter, Rosanna Jeannette, in 2005 after she was born at 23 ½ weeks and lived five short days.  Following the loss of Rosanna, Robin and James again experienced the loss of their son, Karl, born at 16 ½ weeks in 2006, and three first trimester miscarriages in 2008, 2010 and 2011, in addition to Robin’s first loss many years prior.  While Robin and James have experienced so much loss, they have also experienced incredible joy with their three beautiful and living children, Rheanna, Jamilyn and George.


In 2005, Robin worked closely with Fletcher Allen Health Care Hospital, now known as The University of Vermont Medical Center, in Burlington, Vermont, to help establish a pregnancy and infant loss support group.  The group that was made possible by the coordinated efforts of Robin and the staff at Fletcher Allen, had its first meeting in October 2006 and continues to meet today, helping countless families heal after loss.  In 2008 after moving to Virginia, Robin continued her mission and created a second support group in Gainesville which has been relocated to Robin’s chosen home of Front Royal.  Robin is Rebozo certified and received her Baby Loss Family Advisor™ training and certification from Loss Doulas International, a division of Babies Remembered, overseen by Sherokee Ilse.  In addition to her current role as Baby Loss Family Advisor™ and Bereavement Loss Doula®, Robin is a Rainbow Doula™ for families who are experiencing pregnancies and births of children following a loss, affectionately known as “rainbow babies.”  Robin is currently in the process of completing her certification through Stillbirthday, as well as her professional certification as an End of Life Care Doula through the University of Vermont, completing the Madriella Birth Doula Certification Program and is enrolled in the Cultured Doula Program through Gena Kirby and Progressive Parenting.   Robin is passionate about helping other parents endure pregnancy and infant loss as they walk along their paths to healing.  She continues to be a moving force in the world of advocating for parents and educating others about the importance of care for families who have suffered loss.