Zanna's HOPE Bereavement Birth Services, LLC Bio



Zanna’s HOPE Bereavement Birth Services, LLC, was established in August 2016, and born of 10+ years of hard work, dedication and passion of its founder, Robin L. Schroeder, BLFA and H.O.P.E. Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support Group.  Following the loss of six pregnancies, including a daughter born at 23 ½ weeks who lived just five short days, Robin has facilitated support groups in Vermont and Virginia since 2006.  In addition to creating Zanna’s HOPE, Robin is Rebozo certified and received her Baby Loss Family Advisor™ training and certification through Loss Doulas International, a division of Babies Remembered, overseen by Sherokee Ilse.  In addition to her current role as Baby Loss Family Advisor™ and Bereavement Loss Doula®, Robin is a Rainbow Doula™ for families who are experiencing pregnancies and births of children following a loss, affectionately known as “rainbow babies.”  Robin is currently in the process of obtaining her certification through Stillbirthday, as well as her professional certification as an End of Life Care Doula through the University of Vermont, completing the Madriella Birth Doula Certification Program and is enrolled in the Cultured Doula Program through Gena Kirby and Progressive Parenting.


Zanna’s HOPE Bereavement Birth Services, LLC is not currently a non-profit; however, it is mostly operated on a volunteer/donation basis and is currently pursuing 501(c)(3) non-profit status.  All bereavement services are provided to families free of charge with a suggested donation for services rendered.  Zanna’s HOPE also provides regular paid Rainbow Doula™ services for families who are experiencing pregnancies and births of children following a loss.


It is through Robin’s personal experiences, the personal experiences and training of additional volunteers and working with others enduring loss, that the seeds were planted for the creation of Zanna’s HOPE.  HOPE stands for “Helping Other Parents Endure.” No one should have to walk the path of pregnancy and infant loss alone and uninformed.  It is the mission of Zanna’s HOPE to walk alongside families in their most vulnerable and sacred time of loss to provide specialized support before, during and after a loss occurs.  While Zanna’s HOPE provides support to mothers, fathers and partners in their time of loss, we are also available to help other family members and friends who may be grieving, as well as guide them in how to best support their loved ones.